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Heatbed for Hephestos

Anyone else added a heatbed to their Hephestos? I have done. if anyone needs info on this I will be happy to help :)


  • I realise this is a fairly old post but it didn't seem worth starting a new thread.
    I am new to this forum so possibly a quick intro might be in order.
    I am a retired Electronics Engineer and my main interest is small combat robots which I have found are much more resilient printed in ABS hence the mod.
    I have just upgraded mine to heated bed after getting advice in shop and the only real problem I had was building the firmware without errors. While trying that I somehow managed to blow away the existing firmware but one phone call and 10mins in the shop (fortunately I only live round the corner) and the new code was loaded and all is now working. I bought a 12v 20A supply which runs both the existing printer and the heated bed without problems. I mounted the heated bed with the wires at the rear and printed my own version of a cable support to ensure they all moved without catching on any other parts. Here are a couple of shots of the setup.
  • I have added the heated bed to my Hephestos for printing pla directly onto glass. I found that the fan for cooling the electronics was cooling the back left corner of the bed so the pla did not stick down in that corner. Fitting a piece of plastic on the side of the electronics boards to deflect the air from the fan has solved the problem.
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